Wales 2022 World Cup away shirt: a retro-inspired work of art

The Wales 2022 World Cup away kit is a tribute to the past, but it looks decidedly modern.

The Welsh returned to white for the change of thread they will have made in their first World Cup for 64 years. The shirt comes with Adidas’ new textless logo and continues this year’s zigzag theme with a bold red and green design.

The other Adidas World Cup kits have all been discontinued, along with the Adidas home shirt for the Dragons. These are just two of our favorites out of all the World Cup shirts coming out by November.

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Wales 2022 World Cup away kit mixes past and present to cracking effect

Football jersey culture is looking back these days. Most of the new tops you buy are homages to the past in some way, whether in pattern, design, or just color. But that seemed to have completely overtaken Wales in their last two majors.

2016 brought the much-maligned gray and green outfit the Dragons failed to win in France; 2021’s slightly more successful Yellow Peril seemed more Australian-inspired than the Valleys. The 2022 away shirt is very obviously the retread of the iconic white away shirts: it may be plain but richly woven into the fabric, it’s a clear nostalgia.

For those who “don’t understand”, zigzags can look ugly; for those who do, they are a melancholic inclusion to Welsh heritage. Inspired by the early 90s, the color scheme feels vintage and understated, while the zigzags are eye-catching enough without being the least bit garish or OTT.


The Wales away kit for the 2022 World Cup (Image credit: Wales)

It’s a fine line to walk between an eyesore and something so minimal it looks like a placeholder kit on a Fifa Game. Granted, not every World Cup jersey has managed to color between these lines, but this example is one of Qatar’s finest.

Even the fact that these three colors are the same as the badge – and they are the same three used on the home shirt – indicates a stylish cohesion throughout the Cymru look this time around. It would have been easy to overdo what is the simplest of shirts, after all.


The Wales away kit for the 2022 World Cup (Image credit: Wales)

There are good reasons why this is Wales’ finest away shirt this side of the century. The retro top this one is inspired by is hard to beat for a new generation of Welsh fans, it could create new memories in the Middle Eastern sun.

You can buy this one at JD Sports (opens in a new tab) – the rest of the Adidas World Cup jerseys are on the official Adidas website (opens in a new tab).

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(Image credit: Wales)

Adidas Wales 2022 World Cup Away Shirt

Simple, smart and with nostalgia woven into the fabric

Reasons to buy


Zigzags are wonderful


The colors look great


Simple design is welcome

Reasons to avoid

Pattern may be lost on some

Shirt Information

What is the size of the Wales 2022 World Cup away kit?

The sizing of all Adidas football kits is very natural – not too tight anywhere, except perhaps around the cuffs on short-sleeved shirts, if you have big arms.

Adidas has a full size guide here (opens in a new tab).

What is the difference between the genuine and regular versions of the Wales 2022 away kit?

The authentic version of the jersey is the official jersey that players will wear for matches. The only differences are minimal, usually the material is slightly different and the badges and logos are woven into the shirt rather than printed.

“Made with Parley Ocean Plastic, new ultra-breathable 3D engineered fabric, ‘HEAT.RDY’ technology, triangle-shaped ‘Authentic’ badge, 3-stripe taping execution on the shoulders, Authentic jerseys introduce new technologies in a future iconic football shirt silhouette,” says Adidas. Now you know.

If you want to pay extra for that extra quality, you can buy the authentic shirt here (opens in a new tab). In terms of design or feel, the regular version of the top is perfectly good and identical to the naked eye.

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