Wearing Adidas’ Suciu Gazelle brand: a superb vintage-inspired sneaker

Adidas’ skating collaborations are underrated, and the brand’s latest co-branded sneaker proves it.

Adidas has unveiled another collaboration with professional skater Mark Suciu, who has worked with the brand since 2013. The athlete, who received his own signature model in 2015 – the Skateboarding Suciu ADV – is now revamping the Gazelle ADV sneaker.

Extra clean and college-inspired, the shoe references its’ 60s roots with a green suede upper and crisp cream leather accents that dress the three stripes, heel tabs and tabs. The gold leaf mark, which adorns many adidas skating collaborations, hits the tongue and side, highlighting the model’s name alongside Suciu’s last name. The golden Trefoil logos on the heel complete the sneaker.

Maya Ernest / Entrance

“The Gazelle is one of Adidas’ most tried and true classics,” Suciu said in a press release. “It’s like an extension of my foot. I completely forget about the shoe and just think about my board. Since becoming part of the team, adidas Skateboarding has helped me travel the world and given me the freedom and support to achieve as much of what I wanted as a skateboarder. To be personally associated with the shoe, and by extension with the brand’s heritage, is a huge honor.

Suciu’s redesign of the Gazelle makes it suitable for skating with textured midsoles and grippy outsoles. The design he chose, however, also makes the sneaker ideal for lifestyle clothing – to which I and most others can relate more to. While the rest of the streetwear world adores Yeezy’s weird silhouettes and exaggerated Nike collaborations, Suciu gives us what we really need: a clean shoe that’s easy to style (and style).


Maya Ernest / Entrance

Nike’s Air Force 1 sneakers, Adidas’ Samba sneakers, and even Reebok’s Club C 85 sneakers all have one thing in common – they’re classic. Their black and white makeups are perfect for everyday use, never labeled as boring and always advertised as clean. Despite a more modern green suede upper, Suciu’s Gazelle ADV fits perfectly with traditional shoes.

Flashy sneakers can be fun, but wearing an outfit around your shoes all the time can get overwhelming. At times like these, having a pair of simple sneakers that you can wear with anything is crucial. When I styled this green suede sneaker I wasn’t worried that the undertone would clash with whatever I put on. Like any two-tone colorblock design, the Gazelle added just the right amount of color to my outfit, accentuating what I was wearing rather than crushing it.

The Suciu Gazelle ADV is a classic design, but not basic. Although it is easy to style, it exudes more character than the black and white Samba and is not considered a staple of white girls like the Air Force 1. The green and cream shoe is simply timeless, setting a benchmark. to its 60s heritage and remixed with modern skate design.


The functional features, added by Suciu to enhance his skating, only further separate the sneaker from the rest. A molded Adiprene sockliner provides more support to the feet, a Geoflex outsole improves foot stability and the shoe’s raised reinforcement strip makes it more durable.

While I don’t plan on getting into skateboarding anytime soon, the practical additions of the sneaker, especially its molded insoles, make them super comfortable. When Suciu described the shoes as an extension of his feet, he wasn’t kidding – and like Birkenstocks and Dr. Martens, I could easily see these sneakers conforming to the shape of my foot, making them even more likely to feature in my. day-to-day. shoe rotation. And as someone who likes to wear their sneakers rather than putting them away to keep them secure, the durability of the suede upper is a plus.

The Suciu Gazelle ADV is just a good sneaker. It has a classic design, durable construction and a comfortable fit – what more could you ask for? With a reasonable price tag of $ 100 and without the hype of other Adidas offerings, the shoe is also quite accessible, especially for a collaboration. Most sizes are sold out on the brand website, but you can find pairs at any number of third-party retailers including skate shops.

Cool effortlessly, the Gazelle ADV will actually fit into your regular shoe rotation rather than sitting in the back of your closet. Trust it won’t go out of style anytime soon, but it will sell out very soon.

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