What can men’s football learn from women’s matches? (Jonas Eideval)

Q&A interview with Arsenal women’s manager, Jonas Eidevall by Michelle

As the full Arsenal Womens squad trained at Adidas headquarters in Germany, Jonas Eidevall asked a few questions, which came via the Arsenal Women’s Twitter account.

Jonas shares his picks for the three players who would make good managers, how he makes sure the whole team stays motivated and what men’s football could learn from women’s football.

Here are two of the questions and answers from the interview:

  1. WSL teams have added many new players, making it difficult to predict how they will play. How do you prepare for the unpredictability of playing teams with so many new players? + Do you think our team has stayed relatively the same as others will be better prepared?

“Remember that no opponent is predictable. It’s not the most important thing in football. The important thing is quality. And quality in football comes from having relationships that are really deep on the pitch. To have a really good shared mental model of how you want to play the game and that takes time. So good football teams need time together. So for me that’s an advantage and not a disadvantage.

  1. What do you think men’s football could learn from women’s football?

“I don’t know, but I have to say when I was working during the Euros I thought it was a great experience to go to a lot of stadiums where the games were sold out, and see how families could go there. go and have fun and you didn’t have any abusive behavior or violent behavior around the stadiums and as a football fan I thought it was very, very enjoyable and I think that this is how football should be. Football should be a passion. Football should be a source of energy. But it should also be family friendly, so that football can be enjoyed by all.

What do you think is the difference between men’s and women’s games?

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