Where to buy the Squid Game tracksuit online

The Squid Game tracksuits have become very popular since the show’s release on Netflix, and here’s where they can be purchased online.

The Squid game the tracksuits are already available for purchase online although the new Netflix series is only available for a short time. Located in present-day South Korea, Squid game tells the story of a group of struggling and unlucky characters recruited by a mysterious organization to participate in a series of six increasingly deadly survival games.

After agreeing to participate in the game – which they later find out offers 45.6 billion won to anyone who lives long enough to claim it – the players are drugged and taken to a secret location where they wake up to find themselves in matching dark green tracksuits. . Players are also assigned numbers which are rightfully stamped on their tracksuits. Smooth, stylish and fashionable even when splashed with the blood of fellow gamers, the Squid game the tracksuits are already the essential costume of this Halloween season. Indeed, several sites are already making room on their virtual shelves next to the Cruel wigs and WandaVision couple costumes for sale Squid game tracksuits.

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California jacket currently sells Squid game dark green tracksuits for $ 139.00, although the site doesn’t have any photos of the actual tracksuits that customers would buy. Costumes of the United States is another site known for selling in-depth cosplay costumes from movies, tv, and anime, and their Squid game the green tracksuits also sell for $ 139.00, or $ 89.00 for the jacket alone.

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Unfortunately a dark green Squid game Adidas tracksuit is not available, however Adidas has a light green suit. The good news is that Amazon sells Squid game Adidas lookalike track jackets in dark green and over 30 other colors in a wide price range. But the matching Adidas track pants in dark green are currently unavailable and sold out on Amazon. However, RLJT JIN Men’s Sweatpants with Zipper Pockets (also available on Amazon) seem to pair perfectly with the Adidas jacket in a pinch; that’s $ 32.33.

For the budget conscious, the Squid game green cosplay jackets at Dubi.shop seem to offer the best value for money. Dubi.shop jackets are emblazoned with three different numbers – 001, 218, 456 – and are available in dark green and blue for $ 57.92 (tax included). The numbers are printed on the fabric rather than attached like badges, but the sleeves are virtually identical to the tracksuits worn by players of Squid game. Dubi.shop also offers sweatpants at the same price but they are only available in dark green.

The best news by far is that Dubi.shop features actual photographs of the products sold rather than still images of the show. And although the site Squid game soldier masks are already sold out, Dubi.shop also sells two different types of soldier gloves, player t-shirts (again, in numbers 001, 218 and 456), and a Squid game Soldier costume for $ 34.99 (taxes included).

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