World’s sexiest German athlete, Alica Schmidt, will compete in the Olympics

Fans of a German athletics star dubbed “the world’s sexiest athlete” expressed mixed emotions over the athlete’s apparently long stay in the Olympic Village in Tokyo.

Alica Schmidt, who qualified for her country’s 4x400m relay team, was benched for Saturday’s mixed event and instead was posted on social media from the sideline.

Her team reached the final but were ultimately disqualified for making contact with the Jamaican team, leaving some to speculate on an early end of the 22-year-old’s 2021 Olympic campaign.

Fans are wary of what she actually does at the Olympics. Image: TikTok / alicaschmidtSource:

Schmidt’s notable absence from the competition has not gone unnoticed by his nearly three million followers on Instagram and TikTok.

She has shared snippets of life inside the village and regularly updates her Instagram Stories with videos from inside the athletic field, cheering on her teammates.

And while thousands of people enthusiastically follow her, many are suspicious of what she does in Tokyo, given that she hasn’t competed in any competitions.

In a video posted this weekend, Schmidt flaunted his slender figure by posing in a cropped German t-shirt and Adidas shorts, bragging about “when you make your first Olympic team.”

In response to the short clip, uploaded with the caption “Dreams Can Come True”, hundreds of people were won over by her beauty, but many more were left bemused.

“Confused. What are you even doing? Your videos show a lot of poses, which is cool, but I can’t see your event anywhere,” one person wrote in a comment.

“I didn’t realize that being sexy was a sport,” someone else said.

Schmidt has nearly three million followers on Instagram and TikTok. Image: TikTok / alicaschmidtSource:

There was a similar theme in the comments posted to the video the next day, in which Schmidt showed the “gifts” she had received for being part of the Games.

Almost 74,000 people liked the first comment that implied that Schmidt entered the Olympics for “free stuff” rather than to win.

Another TikTok user accused the German team of selecting Schmidt to promote the Olympics rather than for his athletic ability.

“It’s actually sad that she has to go to Tokyo just because she’s hot. She’s just there to promote [the Olympics], wrote on.

Others expressed confusion over how Schmidt had access to the Olympic Village for such an extended period without competition.

She could still have the chance to represent her country this week, with the heats of the women’s 4x400m relay on Thursday and the finals on Saturday.

Her millions of subscribers online make her one of the biggest social media stars in Tokyo for the Olympics.

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